An Update from our Youth Leaders


Lani Daniel is our Youth Worker at for Northern Beaches Uniting Church

Lani is both passionate about seeing young people connecting with God and each other in a safe and caring environment.

If you would like to talk to Lani you can call or email. 0414 915 303 or

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Enjoy a mini-series of sharing worship songs and a workshop
on how to do basic singer/song writing tips for worship. 

Visit our Salt and Light Ministry Facebook page each Tuesday after 1pm

Untitled Youth

As we are unable to meet in person, we will be continuing our worship nights using Zoom.  If you wish to join or know of any youths (year 7 to 12 or young adults) who would be interested in joining us, please email Lani on

For more frequent worship, testimonies and messages for Untitled Youth visit our soundcloud account