Are You Considering Returning to Christianity?

Some things have changed, but God’s love for you hasn’t.

For young parents who may have drifted away from the church in their teens and twenties but are now considering how to safely introduce their children to Christianity, Uniting offers joyful church services, emphasising love and care, in a structured but informal atmosphere. Singing, music and prayers are an important part of worship and so is a time for hearing the scripture and an appropriate message or reflection. Most services are about 60 minutes and are intended to be intergenerational – enjoyed by all age groups.

Adults returning to the church are often cautious to start with. Life can teach hard lessons, and knowledge of the world can raise many questions about Christianity that each of us has to work through. There are not always simple or easy answers, but for those who are determined to push ahead with a spiritual journey the rewards are great. The Uniting Church, its Ministers and its community are here to support you.


David from Northern Beaches Uniting Church

I was baptised and later confirmed in the Church of England, but lost interest in the church in my teens. I went to college, worked in IT, got married and started a family. A good and fortunate life, but without any active spiritual part to it. I always felt that there was ‘something more’, but had little time for churches, which seemed hopelessly conservative and out of touch.

Gradually, through a long series of conversations, observations and life experiences, I decided that I really had to somehow engage with spirituality. Christianity was familiar and I thought I should give it another try, so one Sunday I walked through the door of my local Uniting Church. I couldn’t have been happier with what I found – a friendly bunch, no pressure to conform and plenty of support when I asked for it, including a lively Bible Discussion Group. I have a long Christian journey ahead of me and I couldn’t ask for better company.

The Northern Beaches Uniting Church is a welcoming and cheerful community, with a wide cross-section of everyday people amongst whom you will certainly find companionship, and in many cases lasting friendships. If you’d like to take another step forward, then you could

The Northern Beaches Uniting Church is here for you when you are ready.